Fictional Imagery

For this project I used Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to create an entirely fictitious photo. The image itself is comprised of fifteen separate images all blended together into a cohesive work. Advertisements

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Video Editing Examples

Some examples of video editing done in Adobe Premiere that I for an Advanced Image course. This first video was a rough draft of sorts. The one below was the final project and is essentially the same video, just with heavier effects.

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Takedown Recurve Bow

     I decided to make a bow one night while watching ‘Arrow’.      Below, are some photos of how the bow was constructed. I began with three pieces of 3′ x 2″ x 3″ hardwood (two pieces of red oak and one piece of maple). I then researched about a million different risers […]

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Project 2 (Big Red Button)

For my final project in OBJECT I decided to focus less on tangible feedback and more on how the lack of feedback effects users. To do this I used a big red button and some speakers, when powered on the button blinks at random intervals and when pressed the speakers play a sound from a […]

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Lab 8

For Lab 8 we learned how to use Processing to create a visual representation of code using serial communication between our Arduinos and Processing. The two potentiometers on the bread board control three separate circles. The left potentiometer controls one circle’s size and the X axis of the third circle. While the right potentiometer controls […]

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Project 2 Proposal

For my second project I plan to create an object that highlights humans’ inherent need for tangible feedback. To do so, I plan to create a large red button that is meant to be pushed by the participants paired with speakers that are hooked up in a separate room (or far enough away to make […]

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