Lab 7

In Lab 7 we learned how DC and stepper motors work and how to code them! A video of the  DC motor in operation is here and a video of the stepper motor in action is here (full rotation here). Part 1 of the was getting the DC motor to work. Below are some pictures of the […]

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Project 3: Fiber Work

For this project I work with fiber to create a unique embroidery design and master a few knots.   I tied a Clove Hitch, Square Knot, Bowline, Figure Eight Knot, Uniknot, Taught Hitch, and an Alpine Butterfly, it was very… knotty.

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I recently completed a sketchbook that spans the past two years. I’ve upload a select few of the pages here and the rest can be viewed here. Enjoy!

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Lab 6

Lab 6 was a three part lab that introduced us to servo motor functions and producing sound. Below is the first part of the lab in which we use a variable resistor to activate a servo motor. A video of my servo in action can be seen here. For part two of the lab we used […]

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Lab 5

For the first part of Lab 5 I used the Arduino board combined with a potentiometer to control the current to the LED. For the second part of Lab 5 I programmed the Arduino in combination with the solder less breadboard and two variable resistors on two separate LEDs. For some reason when I rebuilt […]

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