For our Webfuture Project, our group split up the project’s work-load into three main portions: I personally created all of the .pngs, wireframes, and some code for our site, Jack was in charge of creating all of the written content and quite a bit of the code, while Hubert was in charge of the majority of […]


Web Future Project

As a collective, the internet is still currently dependent on physical structures within our world to operate. The Internet of Things (IOT) is basically all of the bits and pieces of real-world hardware that keep up linked in, uploading, and online. The three articles that I researched (Links posted below) all raise questions that most people […]

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Network Dynamics -Terranova

“It is in this sense, as some have remarked, that the internet might not be an immersive virtual reality as the Cyberpunks imagined it, but an alternative space existing ‘at the edge of forever’, as Manuel Castells put it.” This sentence from Network Dynamics talks about the physical embodiment of what the internet may or has […]

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What is XKeyscore?

XKeyscore (Often abbreviated as XKS) is a previously top-secret computer program that was first used the United States’ NSA. XKS was first used to searching and analyzing global internet data on a daily basis. Since its introduction, XKS has been shared with multiple other espionage agencies around the world. In 2013 Edward Snowden publicly exposed the […]

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