Lab 8

For Lab 8 we learned how to use Processing to create a visual representation of code using serial communication between our Arduinos and Processing. The two potentiometers on the bread board control three separate circles. The left potentiometer controls one circle’s size and the X axis of the third circle. While the right potentiometer controls […]

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Project 2 Proposal

For my second project I plan to create an object that highlights humans’ inherent need for tangible feedback. To do so, I plan to create a large red button that is meant to be pushed by the participants paired with speakers that are hooked up in a separate room (or far enough away to make […]

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Lab 7

In Lab 7 we learned how DC and stepper motors work and how to code them! A video of the  DC motor in operation is here and a video of the stepper motor in action is here (full rotation here). Part 1 of the was getting the DC motor to work. Below are some pictures of the […]

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Lab 6

Lab 6 was a three part lab that introduced us to servo motor functions and producing sound. Below is the first part of the lab in which we use a variable resistor to activate a servo motor. A video of my servo in action can be seen here. For part two of the lab we used […]

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Lab 5

For the first part of Lab 5 I used the Arduino board combined with a potentiometer to control the current to the LED. For the second part of Lab 5 I programmed the Arduino in combination with the solder less breadboard and two variable resistors on two separate LEDs. For some reason when I rebuilt […]

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Lab 4

Learning the basics of Arduino. Managed to switch between two LEDs with the magic of a switch! I’ve also included a screen grab of my code. There is a video of my LEDs switching here.  

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