Project 2 Proposal

For my second project I plan to create an object that highlights humans’ inherent need for tangible feedback. To do so, I plan to create a large red button that is meant to be pushed by the participants paired with speakers that are hooked up in a separate room (or far enough away to make the sound faint). The interaction in this project will actually take place in the lack of feedback my object will provide. Usually an object provides solid, tangible feedback; cell phones vibrate and ring, buttons click or light up, switches flip, etc. I want to avoid this sort of direct feedback by setting up the speakers far enough away from a button that the pusher will be unsure if what they heard was correlated to their button pushing, causing them to push again and again until they either figure out where the sound is emitting from and if it is connected to the button or give up and decide to live without ever knowing.

So how do I plane to entice the button pushers to continue pushing the button? Excellent question. To get the desired interaction I plan to use a large red button mounted on a podium similar to the ones you would expect to see on a gameshow, containing an LED that will light up when the button is pressed (this will be the only form of direct feedback the pusher will immediately get). This button will be wirelessly linked to speakers that will be set up in another room (similar to how the SparkFun thank you sign is connected to the BTU Lab), so that when the button is pressed the speakers will play a sound from a random catalogue of sounds. However, the sound will be soft enough to diminish the obvious connection between said speakers and button. Thus enticing pushers to continue pushing buttons until they figure out the correlation.


Note: This idea is based on the assumption that everyone is like me and will A. press a big red button with no prompting, B. they will want to know where random strange sounds are coming from and C. they have semi-decent hearing.


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