Project Two: Plastic Gondola

For this project we were tasked with creating a gondola capable of surviving a high speed impact with a wall using recycled plastics. For my project I took a recycle smoothie bottle, made of PETE and HDPE, and cut a door on top so that I load up to three eggs in the chamber. I then filled it with LDPE Target bags in order to secure and cushion the eggs for impact. In order to attach the gondola (named The Eggsquisite) to the pulley that would be smashing it into a wall, I used several rubber bands.

After several versions, I hope The Eggsquisite’s fragile passengers will survive!


My eggs did survive! But then the people wanted to see carnage so I removed all of the padding and watched my eggs explode as the gondola smashed into the wall.

It was awesome.

Slo-Mo video coming soon.


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