Lab 6

Lab 6 was a three part lab that introduced us to servo motor functions and producing sound. Below is the first part of the lab in which we use a variable resistor to activate a servo motor. A video of my servo in action can be seen here.

For part two of the lab we used a small speaker and two photo-resistors to create a basic theremin controlled by the amount of light on the resistors. One resistor created a higher tone when covered and the other a lower tone. A video of it in action can be seen here.

Part three of the lab required that we construct a creative enclosure for either part one or two of the lab. For my enclosure I used part two and because it reminded me of a theremin I decided that creating a child’s toy would be cool. I took my concept from the stereotypical kid’s toy instrument and built on that. I wanted it to look like a child built it so I used cardboard and scotch tape to hold it together and Crayola marker to write and draw on the enclosure.


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