Lab 3

The first Four photos are of my series circuit that I moved from the breadboard and soldered to a piece of protoboard. However, the LEDs that are soldered to the protoboard are still powered through my breadboard.

This second set of photos are conceptual drawings of my interactive object. This object builds on my creative switch from Lab 2 [here]. The first pictures the schematic of the circuit, the second photo was my original concept that turned the lamp on whenever you placed your phone on the mat. The updated design is a much more aesthetically pleasing, circular lamp. The lamp’s shade would be a recycled paper shade that would help to diffuse the light. The lamp would be turned on or off by a custom switch that would depress whenever a weight was placed in the basket on the base.

The reason I chose to use this as my interactive object is because of our societies attachment to personal devices. Our constant connection to our devices makes it difficult for us to interact with those in our own home, but by creating a need for someone to separate themselves form their device (to turn on the lights), people will also be more likely to interact with those in their homes. My interactive object could also be adapted to control the lights in the entire dwelling, and, if Apple ever got it together, the pocket that holds the devices and actives the lights could also support wireless charging for both iOS and Android devices.


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