Project 3 [Plantar]

Project Plantar has come a long way since its conception. In the beginning our group set out to build a Japanese inspired puzzle cube held together by kinetic energy. After three failed concepts the group settled on creating a planter that would be hung from a railing This planter would have two pots that were set into holes in the base of the hanging piece, while the hanging piece would contain a lattice pattern in order to allow plants to grow on the base itself. Our group printed a test print of this which was unfortunately unable to complete due to the filament becoming tangled in Tazzy. After this failure, we decided to rethink our project in order to create a more unique piece using multimedia. This I how Plantar was born! Plantar is a pentagonal ball that has been hollowed in order to hold a plant. The bottom half of the Plantar is solid in order to allow pot free planting. The top half of the Plantar has been cut away in order to allow sunlight to feed your resident fauna. Four of the five sides have small holes in them in order to allow for twine or string pass through so a user can hang their plants instead of leaving all over the floor. The four strings that suspend the planter converge into a small object with five holes: one on each of the four sides and one in the center of the object on top. These holes allow for the four separate string to converge into a single manageable rope to hang your Plantar from.

More photos here


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