Project 2 [Shep]

It’s not a sheep, it’s a Shep! Project 2 challenged us to create a 3-dimensional object out of 2-dimensional material, joined together using joinery techniques rather than adhesive. Originally I wanted to create a life-size human skull that was simply layers of material stacked around a central joining post. However, after much research and deliberation I decided that my skull would not be as effective as some of the ones I had gleaned during my research. So I moved on to making wall mounted trophy head of an animal (Eventually decided a sheep skull would be interesting) of some sort to become an addition to my home. Yet again, after much research and internal debate, I decided this would not be original enough to satisfy my expectations for this project. Out of this failed idea the Shep was born! I finally realized just how cool it would be to create a 3-dimensional stand alone sheep as an installation to be placed and moved anywhere in the world. Obviously, I could not make it life-sized due to size restrictions of the laser cutter, so I settled on designing my Shep to be large enough to notice, but small enough to carry without much effort.

More photos of Shep


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