Network Dynamics -Terranova

“It is in this sense, as some have remarked, that the internet might not be an immersive virtual reality as the Cyberpunks imagined it, but an alternative space existing ‘at the edge of forever’, as Manuel Castells put it.”

This sentence from Network Dynamics talks about the physical embodiment of what the internet may or has become. Specifically, this sentence proposes the idea that the internet has not and will never become a secondary realm for humans to virtually inhabit, but instead, the web has become and ever evolving space that rests on the edge of the future while still inhabiting the past and present. The reason I chose this sentence is because I thought the idea of the web being a timeless entity, able to span any segment of Mankind’s timeline was not only interesting, but also very true. With the power of the web humans are able to travel to any period of time and see what it was like. We are able to observe Baroque Era paintings and compositions as well as being able to see futuristic concepts and films.

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